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The goal behind chronosphere

Researchers focusing on global-scale ecological and evolutionary patterns are faced with the overwhelmingly increasing volume and diversity of data compilations. Finding these data and incorporating them in the analytical workflow to answer relevant research questins can be time consuming and often lead to difficulties and conflicts in version control.

The goal of the ‘chronosphere’ project is to offer a portal to these data sources and to allow their immediate use by compiling frequently accessed representations on a server that keeps track of different versions. These data are available through an R package of the same name (available on the CRAN servers), that downloads a specific version of a dataset and attaches it to the R environment. The package focuses on data used in biogeography, macroecology and macroevolution, from large datasets to small tables published as supplementary information to research articles..

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Easy to download data

Get started with your project by accessing all the data that you need without leaving your R environment. Check out our documentation for a list of data already available. There is no need anymore to navigate through multiple databases to access your data.


We take care of version control for you so you don't have to worry about it. You can always access the same versions to ensure reproducibility in your work. No more worrying about the changes

Additional features

The R package also contains certain features for the organization and manipulation of multiple raster and vector spatial data items. We also offer an R interface to calculating palaeocoordinates using GPlates.